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Lanes Cars E Type Specialist

Lanes Cars E Type Specialist since 1993

Jaguar E Type Independent specialists in all aspects of the Iconic Classic E Type from 1961 to 1975, for sales, routine maintenance through to complete ICE engine rebuilds & restorations.

Lanes Cars Heritage also offers new bodied bespoke handcrafted turn of the key aluminium XKSS, Lightweight & Lowdrag Replica Recreations to order.

Celebrate E Type’s 60th Anniversary by Commissioning a Rebuilt E Type from Lanes Cars. 


Jaguar E Type’s in the EV 21st Century 


Handbuilt E Type Aluminium Heritage ICE or EV Recreations

Lanes Cars E Type Specialists offer Heritage ICE or now an all-electric EV Lightweight & Low-drag Recreations using a new handcrafted GP aluminium bodyshell, finished in an exterior & decor colours of your choice, including donor Jaguar E Type, which can be used daily. Prices & specifications available on request.


EV – E Type Conversions from Lanes Cars


Sympathetic approach for your E Type EV Conversion – using the rear RBW frame & Continental EV Motor which replaces the rear diff and prop shaft with zero interference to the original monocoque, whilst the front new 8 x Hyperdrive batteries are housed in an approved battery box replacing the engine, should you ever wish to return your EV- E-Type back to its original (ICE) petrol engine this can be done at any time.



 Order your brand new all-electric RBW EV – MGB Re-creation sporting a 21 plate registration 

RBW EV - MG B Electric Recreation

Lanes Cars EV Classics are appointed the main distributors and main agents for RBW EV CARS - Manufacturers of new MG B – Re-creations which are powered by Continental the Formula E Championship Winners using the latest EV Technology for New Iconic Classic Cars & RBW EV Cars – Jaguar E Type Conversions.



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Jaguar E-Types For Sale

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Cars in Progress

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