E-Type Restorations and Rebuilds

Rebuilt By Lanes Cars

Rebuilt and Restored by Lanes Cars 

We offer all our potential clients the opportunity to visit our workshops by appointment to discuss in detail our process of rebuilding or restoration of a Jaguar ‘E’ Type or who wishes to discuss our preparation program of fully preparing their E Type Jaguar.

Lanes Cars are able to offer a wide selection of proven upgrades that can further enhance your enjoyment of your ‘E’ Type Jaguar.

Each E Type Jaguar that we rebuild or fully prepare has many hours invested by Lanes Cars so our clients can enjoy their chosen or cherished Jaguar E Type from the moment they collect it from our workshops or showroom upon completion.



Lanes Cars offer a choice of stunning handcrafted re-bodied Jaguar E Type’susing new handcrafted aluminium Jaguar E Type bodyshells for our Sport Racers, Lightweights & Lowdrag recreations.


Fixed Price Bulkhead Rebuild £ 15,250 + VAT

Bulkhead Forwad Rebuild

Lanes Cars offer a fixed price of £15,250 + VAT for a bulkhead forward rebuild including labour and parts, which includes removing the engine, gearbox, all auxiliary parts back to the bulkhead, prepare the bulkhead and repaint to body colour including engine frames, picture frame, and bonnet carrier.

Reassemble the engine bay with all the reconditioned original parts removed that are deemed serviceable which are cleaned and painted, otherwise, they are replaced as required, engine and gearbox which is also cleaned and detailed, braking system overhauled with a new brake servo, overhauled front brake calipers, rebuild front suspension with new bushes and ball joints, complete new water hose kit supplied and fitted with the radiator flushed/ inspected cleaned and detailed.

*Please note there may be additional parts required at an additional cost, eg new engine frames, new engine bay wiring loom, or torsion bars that might not be serviceable, fixed price of £ 15,250 + VAT is subject to vehicle inspection prior to bulkhead rebuild work commencing.

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