Why Buy From Lanes

Many ‘E’ Type Jaguar potential buyer’s find the disparity in the asking price of these Iconic vehicles hard to understand at first until they have viewed some of the cheaper examples that are offered for sale either from private sellers or from other Classic Car Dealers.

Which if purchased on price alone and even when what appears to have nice paintwork can turn out to be a costly mistake due to the complex design of the structure of an ‘E’ Type Jaguars body shell and specially the vehicles engine frames which have many hidden areas of know internal rust problems, also at the time of purchase what may appear to be a small oil leak or coolant leak from the engine may not be just that simple to resolve as it first seems. As always many of these hidden problems only become evident after their purchase and then should they require rectification it can result in further major investment of monies to rectify and can ruin your whole enjoyment of ownership of a long held dream to acquire and the enjoyment of owning an ‘E’ Type.

Lanes Cars have been buying and selling Iconic ‘E’ Type Jaguars for many years and carefully select the vehicles we either buy to rebuild or offer for sale fully prepared so we can offer clients peace of mind when they purchase their chosen ‘E’ Type Jaguar with a warranty on the structure of the vehicles monocoque  including a mechanical warranty that is underwritten by ourselves.

We offer all our potential clients the opportunity to visit our workshops by appointment only so you can tour our facilities to see our process of rebuilding a Jaguar ‘E’ Type or to discuss our preparation program of one of our fully prepared examples and also offer a selection of proven upgrades which will further enhance your enjoyment of your chosen ‘E’ Type Jaguar with our small and dedicated team who are enthusiasts themselves.