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I know what I’ll do, I will beat the system & the ULEZ congestion charge in London including Oxford, Bath, Bristol, Birmingham & any other city around the world, I will buy a classic car.

What should I have?

To qualify it must be a 40-years-old ideally a British petrol classic, & I could buy a classic Mini for £10k, Triumph TR6, or 5 for £40k maybe even an Austin Healey 3000 – £80k & if I really push the boat out I could have a Jaguar maybe a Mark 2 – 4 door salon for £60k, XK150 for £100k or treat myself to a £200k plus for a concourse E Type Roadster.

What happens if it breaks down or overheats in nose to tail traffic & then it becomes a nightmare waiting for a recovery vehicle to come & collect me, suffering the indignation of people laughing & cursing me for having broken down, emergency vehicles not being unable to get through, due to the traffic jam I am responsible for especially if it happened at a major junction or set of traffic lights.

I know I’ll have an electric classic car EV conversion & still beat the system, all the mod cons, with pas, air con, automatic, with an all-new EV drivetrain with reliability, requiring minimal maintenance & a manufacturer’s warranty.

I don’t have to drive a Jelly mould car to do my bit to reduce inner-city pollution, whilst driving & enjoying an Icon of British Motoring design & maybe even have the ultimate all-electric Jaguar E Type EV with Range, Torque & Pace from Lanes Cars.

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