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Make: Jaguar

Model: E Type - S1 -S2 -S3 - Roadster & FHC


Year: From 1961 to 1975


Price: £ 99,950

Fully approved all-electric EV Conversion for Classic E Type Jaguars for a fixed cost of £99,950* Batteries Included.

Lanes Cars all electric – EV – E Type is designed to be driven as a true sport car should be, with instant torque.

When first shown by Sir William Lyons in March 1961 at the Geneva Motor Show it stole the show with Enzo Ferrari describing the Jaguar E Type as the most beautiful car in the world,

E Type Jaguars are now Icons of British design and should still be able to be driven as reliably as a modern EV sports car, whether its driving in one of the ultra low emission city zones or out on the open road, where you can really appreciate Malcolm Sayer’s designed E Type Jaguar, one of the most alluring sports cars ever made which was born from his Le Mans 24-hour 1950s triple winning Jaguar D Type with Reynolds 531 manganese-moly steel alloy engine frames and monocoque bodyshell as these world famous racing cars, giving a enthusiastic sports car driver the enjoyment of instant acceleration that only a modern EV drivetrain can offer.

With Range, Pace and Reliability your EV – E-Type may well become your preferred daily drive.

With all its Torque available all of the time “Let’s Talk About Torque“ please contact Lanes Cars.


  • Future proof your E Type

  • Range of up to 250* miles on a single charge

  • With all its Torque available all of the time – Let’s Talk About Torque

  • New Battery Pack with 8-year Manufacturers Warranty

  • New Electric EV Drivetrain with regenerative braking

  • Upgraded Front Braking

  • No More Oil Leaks

  • No More Exhaust Fumes

  • No Exhaust Heat transfer into Cabin

  • Manufacturers Warranty for 3 years or 36,000 miles

  • Fully reversible at any time

  • Zero Body Interference

  • 50 /50 weight distribution

  • The client retains the original engine, gearbox & differential ICE Drive Train

  • Zero Emissions

  • Insurance Approved & Registered with DVLA as a Historic – Jaguar E Type EV

What you need, to make a true performance sports car is torque!

Why convert a Classic Jaguar to an electric vehicle? 

• Reliability – Regular breakdowns, oil leaks and missed days out sound familiar? Switching to electric means you have a modern, reliable Classic Jaguar for daily use, with an all new EV drivetrain covered by a manufacturer’s warranty & 8 year battery warranty.

• Low maintenance – The simplicity of an electric motor means classic cars have fewer moving parts, with no need for oil changes or fuel filters etc and require minimal maintenance thereafter, with only a yearly inspection required. That means more time to enjoy driving your Iconic Classic Jaguar.

• Modern EV drivetrain conversions with latest technology, future proof the Iconic Jaguar designs from the 1950s and 60s to be driven daily & not just become Museum pieces for the ever-changing future environmental requirements of tightening emissions regulation, bans on driving internal combustion engine vehicles  and government legislation for driving in the 21st Century.

Probably one of the most sustainable and environmental way to drive for a greener future

• Converting a Classic Jaguar to electric will emit fewer greenhouse gases, air pollutants and carbon deposits than petrol or diesel cars emissions at the tailpipe to zero, whilst giving a Classic Jaguar a second life by upcycling to an EV Drivetrain.

• Installing our EV drivetrain into a Classic Jaguar only produces a carbon footprint of circa 4 tons in its conversion, compared to new car manufactuces carbon footprint such as JLR new top of the range Land Rover Discovery producing a carbon footprint of circa 35 tonnes or a new Tesla producing a carbon footprint of circa 14 tons in their manufacture.

Test Drives and Factory Tours are available by appointment.

For further information & details please contact Martin Lane on:-01283 541062 or email:, alternatively you can message Lanes Cars via WhatsApp 

E Type EV Conversions Video

rbw-the-story-so-far-lanes-cars-ev-e-typeThe Story So Far Video


The E Type Legend Continues- with an all-new OEM – EV Drive Train _______________________________________________________

RBW EV CARS – World Leaders in Classic Car Electrification


 *Fixed price quoted of £99,950 for EV Conversion is subject to a vehicle structural inspection

Lanes Cars EV conversion is fully reversible

250* miles per charge is dependent on driving conditions

Upgraded Front Braking* Upgraded New Front Brake Calipers may be required

Vehicle viewings

Lanes Cars are adhering to social distancing requirements when clients visit.

  Vehicle Viewings, Test Drive & Factory Tours

For further details please contact Martin Lane.

Electric Classic Cars with Range, Pace, & Classic appeal

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