Jaguar E-Type Parts Upgrades


Ref: Description Cost
LC1001 Polyurethane Steering Rack Mounts - More Durable, stiffer mounts for precise steering – View Image £ 175
LC1002 Inertia Reel Seatbelts – for greater comfort and safety. suppied & fitted (Roadsters Only) £ 245
LC1003 Rubber Floor Mats – To keep your footwell carpets clean £ 45
LC1004 Battery Conditioner – The only charger to on & off automatically £ 60
LC1005 Sports High Output Coil – to compliment ignition up-grade £ 39
LC1006 Uprated Fuel Pump – Solid state circuitry for reliability £ 155
LC1007 Quartz Halogen Headlamps – Modern lighting enhancement £ 99
LC1008 Waxoyl Treatment – Corrosion Protection (Inner & Outer Panels) £ 325
LC1009 Electronic 123 Ignition – More reliable starting and maintenance free £ 265
LC1010 Air Chamber Storage System – Rigid Frame Ideal for daily use £ 499
LC1011 New Weather Treatment for Roadsters – Finest quality Mohair in your colour £ 55
LC1012 New Hood – supplied and fitted £ 1175
LC1013 Hood Bag – supplied and fitted £ 375
LC1014 Tonneau – supplied and fitted £ 675
LC1015 Ken Lowe or Cool Kat Cooling Fan – To replace the less than adequate standard cooling fan S1 E Type only £ 399
LC1016 Power Steering Electric Conversion – with prices staring from £ 2495
LC1017 In Car Entertainment Systems – prices starting from £ 275
LC1018 Motalita Steering Wheels – Stronger with More Leg room 14″ supplied only £ 175
LC1019 Stainless Steel Brake Hoses – Superior Pedal feel, do not corrode supplied and fitted £ 165
LC1020 Chrome Wire Wheels – Various Options Available – all with three year warranty POA
LC1021 Pressed Steel to Wire Wheel Conversions from £ 1,595
LC1022 Original Size Standard 5 x 15 (price each) £ 300
LC1023 Wider 6 X 15 wheel to fill wheel arches (price each) £ 235
LC1024 Competition Triple Laced 6 x 15 wheel (price each) £ 245
LC1025 Tubeless Wheel for Modern Low Profile Tyres (piece each) £ 250
LC1026 Modern High Performance low Profile Tyres (price each) £ 95
LC1027 Oil Cooler – Ideal for Hard Working Engines and Continental Touring £ 499
LC1028 Wood Veneer Dash Panels – A choice of shades & wood steering wheels re-colored to match £ 750
LC1029 Security Systems – Thatcham & Insurance Approved POA
LC1030 Thatcham Category 2 Immobiliser £ 385
LC1031 Thatcham Category 1 Alarm/Immobiliser £ 495
LC1032 Heated Rear Windscreens – No more demisting problems with this modern solution £ 620
LC1033 Ceramic Finish to Exhaust Manifold £ 450
LC1034 Double ‘S’ Stainless Steel Exhaust System – with lifetime guarantee with prices starting from excluding manifolds £ 599
LC1035 Double ‘S’ Sports Exhaust System: As above but with a 6 branch manifold for better gas flow excluding manifolds £ 995
LC1036 S3 E Type only Stainless Steel Exhaust System – Specially designed for Lanes Cars to avoid damage caused to S3 models by Speed Bumps £ 750
LC1035 Up-Rated Adjustable Shock Absorbers – Increased damping control, increased ride comfort supplied and fitted £ 685
LC1037 Up-Rated Anti-Roll Bars – Increased roll stiffness to keep suspension loads even when cornering, giving a more progressive feel to the handling – Front only £ 335
LC1038 Air conditioning – supplied and fitted £ 3350
LC1039 Up-Rated Anti-Roll BarsRear £ 325
LC1040 Polyurethane Front Suspension Bushes – improves pivot location, helping stabilize geometry during cornering, braking. Longer lasting than standard rubber bushes. £ 380
LC1041 Polyurethane Rear Sub-Frame Mountings – More rigid axle location supplied and fitted £ 265
Brake System Upgrades- Combining originality with modern technology giving dramatic increase in
stopping power, feel and durability. All calliper up-grades feature stainless pistons to eliminate problems
LC1042 S1 4-Pot Callipers with Kevlar Brake Pads £ 495
LC1043 S1 4-Pot Callipers and Vented Disks with Kevlar Brake Pads £ 695
LC1044 S2 Enhanced Callipers with Vented Disks and Kevlar Brake Pads £ 595
LC1045 Rear Brake Callipers up-grade with Kevlar Brake Pads £ 575
LC1046 Kevlar Brake Pads for Optimum braking performance £ 95
Please Note: All the above specifications and prices were correct at the time of publishing, and may be subject to change.All prices quoted include fitting, but are subject to V.A.T