“Let’s Talk About Torque”


Performance is delivered in a different way with a Jaguar XK – EV Conversion

In May 1949, a Jaguar XK120 Roadster was driven at Jabbeke, Belgium, to set a top-speed record for production cars and, in doing so, earned its “XK120” designation, with its top up and windshield in place, the XK reached a record 126.448 mph. In another run with the top & windshield removed, the Jag hit 132.6 mph

In 1953 Sir William Lyons set about proving the XK120 was once again was the most capable sports car and achieved 172.412 mph on the Jabbeke straight in Belgium which was a modified, race-developed XK120 driven by Norman Dewis which help to establish Jaguars reputation as the fastest production sports cars in the world.

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When Jaguar XK120 was first launched in 1948 with an ICE – XK3.4 – 6cyl engine with double overhead cams and fitted with Twin SU carburetors to produce 183 bhp at 5300rpm and a maximum torque of 275N-m at 4000rpm.

Later in 1954 with the launch of the XK140 – 3.4 – 6cyl engine, retaining the twin SU carburetors, producing 210bhp at 5750rpm and the torque increased to 289N-m at 4000rpm, the XK150 was launched in 1958 with a 3.8 - 6cyl engine with double overhead cams and fitted with Twin SU carburetors produced 220 bhp at 5300rpm and maximum torque of 325N-w at 3000rpm.

The last of the XK model was the XK150s launched in 1959 with triple SU Carburetors which produced 265bhp at 5500rpm and 353N-m at 4000rpm, the most powerful production Jaguar XK model engine made.

Jaguar followed the same principle as all other car manufacturers of the time,  the bigger the internal combustion engine the greater the torque produced and delivered by a progressive power curve.

What you need, to make a true performance sports car is instant torque!

With maximum torque being developed by the electric motor from 0 rpm, therefore, maximum torque is immediately available and maintained through the rev range and with 50 /50 weight distribution, truly makes for an extremely exciting driving Iconic Jaguar XK sports car for the 21st Century with range, torque, and pace.

Lanes Cars E Type – EV conversion uses RBW all new OEM – EV fully homologated drive-train, using a proven high-voltage, water-cooled electric motor which combines the power electronics and reduction gear all in a single housing, weighing less than 80kg and with the maximum instant torque of up to 310 N·m all installed with zero body interference

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There’s not a single machine in existence that measures a car’s horsepower. It’s a man-made number. When a car’s performance is tested, its torque is measured using a dynamometer.

Did you Know!

1)  On a single charge in your Classic EV Jaguar which has a range of up to 250 miles, you can drive the width of England from Liverpool to Hull a distance of circa 128.5 miles in just over two and a half hours with over 120 miles of range left to still enjoy driving your exhilarating Classic EV Jaguar when you arrive.

2) The average Classic Car owner in the UK drives on average 1,200 miles per year, so you would only need to fully charge your Jaguar – Classic EV Conversion just 5 times a year to enjoy reliably driving your Classic EV Jaguar all year round.

3) A modern ICE Car driver in the UK, Europe, drives an average of 7,400 miles a year, so your Jaguar EV Classic would only need to be fully charged once a week to enjoy driving reliably your Classic EV Jaguar for 365 days of the year.

4) Even in America, modern ICE drivers only cover an average of 14,300 miles per year so they would only have to fully charge their Jaguar EV Classic Car just twice a week to enjoy 52  weeks of the year of reliably enjoying and driving their Classic EV Jaguar.

5) You can charge your Classic EV Classic at home or at the office with your own personal charging station or on the go, at one of the 35,000 charging points in over 13,000 locations in the UK currently or at one of the 285,000 EV charging points across Europe with a total of 1.3 million publicly accessible chargers worldwide.  


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