It’s all about the Torque



“It’s all about Torque

Performance is delivered in a different way with an RBW – MG B – EV Recreation.

An internal combustion engine’s torque is produced and delivered by a progressive power curve.

When the MGB was first launched its horsepower was rated at 95bhp on both five-main-bearing and earlier three-bearing cars with twin SU carburetors producing peak power at 5,400 rpm with a 6,000 rpm redline. Torque output on the MGB had a peak of 110 lbft (150 Nm) US specification cars saw power fall in 1968 with the introduction of emission standards and the use of air or smog pumps.

In 1971 UK spec cars still had 95 bhp (71 kW) at 5,500 rpm, with 105 lbft (142 Nm) torque at 2,500 rpm. By 1973 it was 94 bhp (70 kW); by 1974 it was 87, with 103 lbft (140 Nm) torque; by 1975 it was 85 with 100 lb?ft (140 Nm). Some California specification cars produced only around 70 hp (52 kW) by the late 1970s. The compression ratio was also reduced from 9:1 to 8:1 on US spec cars in 1972.

What you need, to make a true performance sports car is instant torque!

With maximum torque being developed by the electric motor from 0 rpm, therefore, maximum torque is immediately available and maintained through the rev range, with 50 /50 weight distribution truly makes for an extremely exciting Iconic of a Classic British sports car for the 21st Century with an instant maximum torque of up to 225Nm.

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There’s not a single machine in existence that measures a car’s horsepower. It’s a man-made number. When a car’s performance is tested, its torque is measured using a dynamometer.

Did you Know!

1) On a single charge in your new RBW EV Classic Car which has a range of up to 200 miles, you can drive the width of England from Liverpool to Hull a distance of circa 128.5 miles in only around two and a half range left to still enjoy driving your new MG B EV Recreation when you arrive.

you can drive the width of England from Liverpool to Hull a distance of circa 135 miles in only around two and a half hours.

2) The average Classic Car owner in the UK drives on average 1,200 miles per year, so you  only need to fully charge your new RBW EV Classic Car just 5 times a year to enjoy reliably driving your MG B EV Recreation all year round.

3) A modern ICE Car driver in the UK, Europe, drives on average 7,400 miles a year, so your new RBW EV Classic Car would only need to be fully charged once a week to enjoy driving reliably your MG B EV Recreation for 365 days of the year.

4) Even in America, modern ICE drivers only cover an average of 14,300 miles per year so they would only have to fully charge their new RBW EV Classic Car just twice a week to enjoy 52 weeks of the year of reliably enjoying and driving their MG B EV Recreation.

5) You can charge your Classic EV Classic at home or at the office with your own personal charging station or on the go, at one of the 35,000 charging points in over 13,000 locations in the UK currently or at one of the 285,000 EV charging points across Europe with a total of 1.3 million publicly accessible chargers worldwide. 

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