EV -Classic Jaguars driving for a greener future


Probably one of the most sustainable and environmental way to drive for a greener future is to upcycle and convert a classic car

Unknowingly Lanes Cars have been saving planet earth since 1993 by default as we have been upcycling classic Jaguars by maintaining, restoring E Types, Mk2 and XK’s and are much closer to net zero business than we realised.

Converting a Classic Jaguar to electric will emit fewer greenhouse gases, air pollutants and carbon deposits than petrol or diesel cars emissions at the tailpipe to zero, whilst giving a Classic Jaguar a second life by upcycling to an EV Drivetrain.

Installing our EV drivetrain into a Classic Jaguar only produces a carbon footprint of circa 4 tons in its conversion, compared to new car manufacturers carbon footprint such as JLR new top of the range Land Rover Discovery producing a carbon footprint of circa 35 tonnes or a new Tesla producing a carbon footprint of circa 14 tons in their manufacture.

Now we are all more aware of our environmental responsibilities to ensure that future generations can enjoy the benefits of our actions taken today.

Since April 2022 Lanes Cars workshops now benefit from electricity supplied from a local solar farm, and pledge to plant a tree for each Classic Jaguar EV conversion, Jaguar restoration or aluminium bodyshell builds at our eco farm and Heritage Workshops in West Wales, and have set a side a hectare of land for tree planting and continue to capture carbon well into the future.