Early 1961 Flat Floor – E Type’s Rebuilt & Restored by Lanes Cars


Lanes Cars have rebuilt and restored four flat floor E Types and the earliest chassis number we had the pleasure of rebuilding was number 13 one of Jaguar Cars Scottish Motor Show S1 3.8 FHC – E Type which was the 13th RHD ever built by Jaguar Cars finished Opalescent Silver Grey and still today we continue to maintain this E Type for our client.

Historically Important – E Type – Chassis Number 13 

Chassis Number 13 -On the Prowl in Wales

One of the other 5 E Type Scottish Jaguar Motor Show Cars was chassis number 15 and its restoration was undertaken by CMC in Bridgnorth, Shropshire

Historically Important Chassis number 15

We have also rebuilt chassis number 98, a Jaguar S1 3.8 Roadster RHD in its original colour combination of Gunmetal Grey with a Red Interior.



Another Jaguar E Type S1 3.8 flat floor chassis number 107 we rebuilt was purchased by our client from Brightwells Car Auction in Shrewsbury and was featured in Classic Cars Magazine, once again can only be described as a barn find E Type which we rebuilt and finished in Opalescent Black with a Red interior and when completed our client then sold through Sotheby’s Classic Car Auction at Goodwood.

Probably one of the most interesting E Type’s we have ever rebuilt is chassis number 125, that can only be described as a real barn find, which was something of a local myth in the Leicestershire area and we eventually tracked down having been wrapped in a tarpaulin and buried in a garden for over 25 years.


All of these early Flat Floor E Types have been rebuilt by retaining as much of the original bodyshells as possible and refurbishing as many of their unique original component parts.

Please contact Martin Lane if you need advice or wish to discuss rebuilding an early chassis number E Type which has many unique prototype parts and differences to the later production E Types that were manufactured after May 1962.