E Type Jaguar Restoration & Assembly with Attention to Detail


Stainless Steel Exhaust – Gaz Platform Shock Absorbers – Reversing Lamp and Number Plate Lights

Refurbished Air Intake – with  Carburettor Pots and Inlet Manifold Polished

Cable Throttle Upgrade

Polished Aluminium Cam Covers S1 4.2 with a Gold Painted Head and Power Steering Upgrade


Sport Coil and Upgraded HT Leads

1961 – Flatfloor E Type – Aluminium Dash – Light Blue Interior – Dark Blue Mohair Hood Bag

Original Steel Exhaust which gives a nice Burble on tickover and especially when accelerating away from a standing start just sounds fantastic

S1 3.8 Sump all prepared and new component parts

1961 – S1 3.8 – 6cyl Engine with a Pumpkin painted head and an original Dynamo

Stove Enamelled Manifold Exhausts and Lucas Glass Washer Bottle

S3 – V12 Rebuilt engine with SU Carburettor Upgrade

S3 – V12 Rebuilt engine with Twin Coils and SU Carburettor Upgrade for enhanced performance

S2 – E Type engine with Black veined Cam Covers with Fuel Injection Upgrade

High Performance Air Intake Foams

Fuel Injection ECU

Gas Flowed Cylinder Head with a Stainless Steel 6 Branch Exhaust Manifold to compliment the fuel injection upgrade which reduces the need for over machining on an original engine to give 265 BHP

Rebuilt and Overhauled Rear Independent Suspension Unit (IRS)

Choice of Upgraded S1 – 4 Pot Brake Calipers please ask for details

S1 4.2 – 6 cyl Rebuilt and fully detailed with a Gold Painted Head with a High Output Alternator

1965 – E Type S1 4.2 Fixed Head Coupe with a new Old Engish Red Interior

Restored & Rebuilt – 1961 – S1 3.8 Roadster  Flatfloor in Solent Opalescent Blue

Restored & Rebuilt – 1965 – S1 4.2 FHC finished in Gunmetal Opalescent Grey

Restored & Rebuilt – 1961 – E Type s1 3.8  Flatfloor Finished in Black