Happy Earth Day Celebrations @ Lanes Cars EV Classic Jaguar


Unknowingly Lanes Cars have been saving planet earth since 1993 by default as we have been upcycling classic Jaguars by maintaining, restoring E Types and were much closer to net Zero than we realised.

Now as we are all more aware of our environmental responsibilities to ensure that future generations can enjoy the benefits of our actions taken today.

We once again celebrate this years Happy Earth Day today April 22nd – 2022.

We will continue to maintain and upcycle Classic Jaguar Cars with the technology of yesteryear for those that still wish to and understand the complexities of ICE drivetrains.

As well as now offering a fully reversible OME homologated EV conversion with modern EV drivetrains & technology to continue and help preserve all the iconic Classic Jaguars from Sir Willians Lyon’s – Jaguar Cars world famous and legendary designs from the 1950s & 1960s for the future and not just to be seen in private collection and Museums.