Celebrate E Type 60th Anniversary


Sir Williams Lyons ‘E Type’ burst onto the scene in 1961 at the 31st Geneva Motor Show, which arrived just 20 minutes before the public were due to arrive after Bob Berry, a Jaguar Executive had volunteered to drive the 700 miles at speeds not mentioned, from Jaguars headquarters in Coventry, England to Parc des Eaux-Vives in Geneva Switzerland for Jaguars Motor Show Stand.

Who knows if it was all part of Jaguar Cars marketing strategy? As Bob Berry’s epic journey to deliver the car to the adoring public have become almost as well-known as the car itself.

Faced with an unexpected deluge of orders, the first personal E Type Jaguar sale was believed to have been to M. Jacques Charrier, husband of Brigitte Bardot, the French film star. He flew to Geneva from Rome the day after it’s launch to order and test drive the 150 mph car.


Let the Celebrations Begin

Firstly Jaguar Cars will be celebrating the E Type 60th anniversary by creating six matched pairs of E-Types which are reborn using 1963 first manufactured E Type’s to celebrate the iconic sports car’s 60th anniversary in 2021 with their asking prices currently being indicated in the region of £650,000.

Each pair of E-type 60 Edition cars pay tribute to two of the oldest and most famous Jaguar E-types of all: ‘9600 HP’ and ‘77 RW’, which played pivotal roles in the unveiling of the car at its world debut in Geneva. Switzerland in March 1961.

If you’re not one of the lucky six individuals who manage to get their hands on a limited-edition Jaguar E-Type you can still Celebrate the E Type’s 60th Anniversary by Commissioning the Rebuild of our S1 3.8 Fix Head Coupe.

With enthusiasts, owners & Jaguar Clubs from all over the world preparing and helping to mark the 60th anniversary of this Iconic Designed British Sports Car in style in 2021, this is your opportunity to join the celebrations.


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